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  • 10/23/2012

    Welcome to the Athetic Assignors Association Central Hub. We are excited about the opportunities this space will provide for our officials. You will now be able to find information about using the ArbiterSports system, read announcements from assignors, and see timely sport specific information, all without leaving ArbiterSports.

    There are other possibilities moving forward, including the capabilities for quizzes and tests and the posting of video. Stay tuned for more information as we explore the possibilities a Central Hub can provide for all of us.

  • 10/23/2012

    The Athletic Assignors Association was formed to ensure that officials from Southwest Michigan could continue to receive high school officiating assignments when area schools chose to begin outsourcing their officiating needs. Currently, our assignors are members of two area officials' associations, the Fruit Belt Officials Association and the Southwest Michigan Officials Association. Although every effort is made to include members from these two groups as game officials, we encourage any qualified official in our geographic footprint to apply for membership. The Athletic Assignors Association is not affiliated directly with any officials' association.

    Our group primarily assigns officials for the Lakeland Athletic Conference and the Red Arrow Conference for the following sports: football, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball. In addition, some of our assignors work for other conferences and/or schools in our area. More information regarding these additional opportunities can be found on the sport specific pages of this hub.

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